about the site

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what's this site for?

this is a personal hobby site. read about the webmaster here.

so... what is VULTURPOLITIK?

VULTURPOLITIK is a catch-all name used to refer anything relating to my original characters and worldbuilding! think interpersonal drama meets political thriller within a character-driven plot set in a gritty dystopian world with sci-fi influences.

it may take a while for me to set up wiki information about VULTURPOLITIK on this site since most of the lore lives only in My Head, but check back often and you'll be surprised.

why does this site look like That?

gaudy, opulent, and maximalist: my design "philosophy".


originally, this site layout was created from help with teppy's layouts & tips. that base was the start of the rest of this layout. this was an invaluable resource while coding this site!