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alternative rock


1. Duvet

2. Twilight

3. Fool

4. Rain

5. Elephant

6. Scoring

7. Deeply

8. One Day

9. Welcome

10. For Jasmine

11. Anna Maria

12. "Duvet" (acoustic)

13. Little Miss

14. Drinking



★★★★☆ [8/10]

written: 11/04/2024

This album smells like a city drenched in water after a torrent of rainfall. It sounds like footsteps in muddy puddles, and feels like wet pants catching against the tip of your heel.

I listened to this album pretty frequently throughout Year 9 and 10 of high school. Twilight has had a special place in my music collection since then - always evoking memories of walking down musky corridors or laying on a cold desk, head down and wrapped in my arms.

I first discovered this album after watching Serial Experiments Lain (yeah, i know.) Duvet remains my favourite track on principle of its mistifying melody that drowns me in a sort of longing for a time where all of my worries were neatly confined in the metanarrativial container of home and school. The world was small, because that was all there was to it.

This album, like a few others, has become inextricably linked not just a certain period of my life, but a certain feeling as well. It's a certain kind of melancholy underpinned by a dissatisfaction with girlhood, yearning, and angst.

Favourite Tracks

Duvet: the first track... tried and true. both a banger intro and an captivating song in its own right.

Fool: "i was born and raised an eastern girl in a western world" it's like they WANT you to jump into a vat of acid