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hello, netizen!

welcome to p4nzer's website. i'm going to use this place to catalog my VULTURPOLITIK ocs, artwork, and archive other interesting things. =)


[10-04-2024]: haven't updated in a while! tidied up this updates section (scroll to the bottom to see more past updates) and also made the skeletal framework to expand more of vulturpolitik. and i'll write that twilight album review soon!

[12-01-2023]: created the characters and collection pages, as well as rudimentary album review page that is Very incomplete (and with no reviews yet) but is now functioning.

see more past updates here.

latest piclog

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this site is under heavy construction... check regularly for updates

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current status

sorry guys this is broken right now LOL anyways im pretty chill. energy sort of all over the place but that will not stop me from #chilling

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