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past updates are kept here.

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[10-01-2023]: thanks to this script, now urls work despite the iframes!

[09-01-2023]: minor fix to some rendering problems on different browsers for the start page... todo: copy layout to all pages so that url navigation works or look into single page apps

[07-01-2023]: some small tweaks! spycrab has been added.

[08-01-2023]: spycrab now MOVES, and i've begun construction on the collection and personnel (oc wiki) pages! later i'll probably make another archive for old edits lol this box is getting kinda full

[07-01-2023]: some small tweaks! spycrab has been added.

[05-01-2023]: big update! added blinkies, a site button, and a rudimentary blog.

[01-01-2023]: updated the layout, now the site is
w i d e. you may have to zoom out. new content is to be Coming soon...

[26-12-2023]: hello everynyan... guestbook added. go to the bottom of the page, or click here

[25-12-2023]: HAPPY XMAS!! i've added a link to read more about me n my interests on the side panel, which you can also read here.
i also added a new 404 page because i haven't made. ANY BLOODY PAGES YET HOLD ON!!